It costs substantially more to spay or neuter than the service fee Spay Neuter Veterinary Clinic of the Sandhills charges. The SNVC operates at a serious cash loss. Fortunately, the CAC Foundation provides funds to subsidize the SNVC. The SNVC provides services for animal welfare groups, county animal control agencies, and individual pet owners who cannot afford a private veterinarian’s spay or neuter service. An average spay costs about $110.00 and an average neuter costs around $60.00 to perform.

The SNVC charges substantially less than these costs so that the mission of reducing euthanasia of companion animals can be met. Animal control facilities that utilize the SNVC report a decrease in intake numbers. It will still take several years to drastically reduce animal over‐population in the operating area, but after four years there is already a recognizable impact.

Companion Animal Clinic Foundation (CAC) is a volunteer organization dedicated to eliminating the euthanasia of abandoned and unwanted animals in our region through affordable spay/neuter.

CAC Foundation supports the Spay Neuter Veterinary Clinic in Vass, NC by subsidizing the difference between the service fee and the “real” cost of the spay/neuter operation.

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