2022 — The Year in Review

Dear Friends and Supporters,

It never ceases to amaze me how the staff of the Sandhills Spay Neuter Clinic (SNVC) and the board of the Companion Animal Clinic Foundation (CACF) manage to jump every hurdle and solve every problem presented to them.

Barbara Mudge
Bobbie Mudge, CACF Board President

The clinic has to shut down for four days because the Moore County electrical substations gets shot up? The staff reschedules, comes in on days off, and ;makes up the appointments within a week. Problem with the septic system? Board member Audrey Wiggins hustles down to the Moore County offices to look into it. Need equipment for our recently purchased mobile surgical unit? Board members Kate Holmes and Salley Skeen write more grants. Everyone pitches in and it all gets done.

Our main problem is the national veterinarian shortage. For every veterinarian looking for a job, there are 18 jobs open. Our focus for 2023 is going to be finding ways to continue to attract the level of staff we currently have. We must offer highly competitive salaries and benefits while offering affordable services. It is a challenge, and we are so grateful to our wonderful Sandhills community who stand behind us.

Happy New Year and thank you for your support throughout 2022.

Bobbie Mudge
CACF Board President

News from the Clinic

Sandhills SNVC

The Sandhills Spay Neuter Veterinary Clinic wraps up 2022 with 6,820 surgeries completed! This is an increase of 891 surgeries from last year — the most surgeries completed in Moore County with CACF’s support since 2017. Throughout the year, we had six veterinarians who pulled together to cover shifts and complete as many surgeries as possible for Moore County and 15+ surrounding counties. 

During the 4-day power outage in December, we unfortunately had to close our clinic — but with our dedicated staff, surgeons, and owners, we were able to reschedule those appointments within a week to have complete them before the end of the year! Thank you to the wonderful staff and veterinary owners who make the clinic’s successes possible.


6,820 surgeries completed
62% subsidized for a lower cost or no cost at all to the owner/rescue
4,038 rabies vaccines administered 
813 feral felines spayed/neutered

Moore County Assistance & Programs:

  • Over 450 clients/patients received full surgery funding from the Moore County SNAP program
  • Over 125 clients/patients received assistance through the Moore County FIX’m voucher program
  • 48 clients/patients were assisted with funding from the Pet Responsibility Committee Speuter program account. Most of these clients won a certificate through PRC. Plus MANY transports from all over the county to Sandhills SNVC for additional pets to have spay/neuter from the PRC.  

Since re-opening in 2021, Sandhills SNVC completed surgery count is 12,749. Total number of surgeries that CACF has supported since 2008 is 88,756.

We are hopeful that we will find a fulltime surgeon to add to our team in 2023. Our goals moving into 2023 are to complete 7200+ surgeries, have four veterinarians on staff, and launch our mobile unit.


We had a very successful year, raising over $175,000 to offset costs for surgeries as well as to outfit our mobile unit. Our fundraising primarily came from individual donations and grants, followed by special events — the sale of pages for the Companions 2022 book, our November Fun Raiser, and our annual Happy Tails Ball. 

Individual Donations

Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, we raised $55,000 from individual donations in 2022. There’s still time to make a tax-deductible year-end donation online. Consider becoming a regular supporter by throughout 2023 by setting up recurring monthly donations. Click here for more information.


In 2022, we were awarded $55,800 in new money from grants.

  • Alley Cat Rescue — $5,000 for community cat sterilization and vaccination
  • George D. Patterson Fund — $15,000 to outfit of mobile unit
  • ASPCA — $15,000 to outfit of mobile clinic
  • Richard J. Reynolds III & Marie M. Reynolds — $20,000 to outfit mobile clinic
  • Moore County Community Foundation — $800 to purchase equipment for mobile unit

Companions 2022

CACF Compantions 2022

Our second year of fundraising through our Companions book helped raise over $36,000 from 90 individuals, families, and businesses. The final product looks beautiful and makes a great coffee table book. Thanks to all who purchased pages!

Fun Raiser

The historic Broadhearth Home on Youngs Road provided an elegant backdrop on November 18th for our “Fun Raiser.” Attended by 125 individuals, we auctioned off seven fabulous trips and a number of art items, raising $24,000. Thank you to our generous hosts and all who organized and attended the event!

Happy Tails Ball

Our annual Happy Tails Ball, which requires no dressing up or attendance — just a simple donation — raised $7,500. Thank you to all who participated! 

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Companion Animal Clinic Foundation (CAC) is a volunteer organization dedicated to eliminating the euthanasia of abandoned and unwanted animals in our region through affordable spay/neuter.

CAC Foundation supports the Spay Neuter Veterinary Clinic in Vass, NC by subsidizing the difference between the service fee and the “real” cost of the spay/neuter operation.

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